Adam's first wife was not Eve, but a woman named Lilith. Only when Lillith rebelled and abandoned Adam did God create Eve, as a replacement. At the same time Jehovah created Adam, he created a woman, Lillith, who like Adam was taken from the earth. She was given to Adam as his wife. But there was a dispute between them about a matter that when it came before the judges had to be discussed behind closed doors. She spoke the unspeakable name of Jehovah and vanished.

The conflict arose because of Adam, as a way of asserting his authority over Lillith, insisted that she lie beneath him during sexual intercourse. Lillith, however, considering herself to be Adam's equal, refused, and after pronouncing the magic name of God flew off into the air.

Adam, distraught and also angered by her insolent behavior, wanted her back. At Adam's request, God sent three angels who found her in the Red Sea, she refused to return.

Lillith personified sex and lust. In the Christian Middle Ages, her female offspring became identified with succubae who would have sex with men in their sleep.

Lillith became known as a seducer of men. Later she would be said to become Satan’s wife and queen of the realm of the forces of evil.

Lillith was thought responsible for populating the world with evil.

If you ask how Lillith herself, the first wife of Adam, became evil, the answer lies in her insubordination to her husband Adam. It is her independence from Adam, her position beyond the control of a male, that makes her "evil."

In her demon form, Lillith is a real power woman. She was thought to control man and make them want her.

She represents the deeper, darker fear men have of women and female sexuality.

But then, there are always two sides to every story. This is where I begin. Lillith was not an evil woman, she was misunderstood because she was ahead of her time.

“Lillith The Beautiful Demon The Story Unfolds”


Lillith was originally Adam’s equal as a mate, but with enhanced abilities. Being made from the earth the two sexes took on different aspects. She was a human just like Adam but could shapeshift and become anyone or anything of her choosing. This in itself was a problem for Adam. From the

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beginning, he was angered, that his mate was superior to him. Lillith because of her humanity, also took on the fight for women’s rights because of Adam and his jealousy.

When Eve was made from Adam’s rib it still did not make Eve unequal, she was made as a helpmate, but side by side. Adam was to treat her as equal, but she was to be subject to his desires.

Eve felt as if Adam was limiting her life in the garden. She was not deciding what was best for her own interests, Adam was.

She finds Lillith and decides to confide in her the problems she is encountering with Adam. The two women would become the best of friends. The friendship that the two women in Adam’s life had impacted women’s rights from the beginning of time.

Adam was fearful of the relationship between the two women, he tried to make Eve give up her friendship with Lillith but Eve would not give in. Adam was again angered by the fact that a woman had rights the same as he did. They were to be mates that worked out life's problems, side by side, but again Adam would have none of that. That was the cause of man leaving Eden.  Man wants to rule over women. Women want some say in how they were going to live. When Cain killed Able, Adam blamed Eve and did not have sex with her for 100 years. Eve spent 100 years trying to figure out why it was all her fault. Adam was just as much part of his upbringing as she was. He never thought that his own jealous bouts could have been the cause.

So from the earliest times in our history, the idea of woman’s rights was handed down among woman. Men would try to rule over women time and time again, but the women hear Lillith’s call and go to battle.

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